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Apple Pickin' Candle

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Indulge in the lush and vibrant scent of Apple Pickin' with our premium candle. Crafted with a sophisticated blend of sweet Macintosh apples freshly picked from a sunny orchard, this alluring aroma will fill your home with a cozy, comforting atmosphere. Perfect for any occasion, it is available in two sizes for your convenience.

Making home the most important place

Our brick and mortar location is the heart and soul of Dandy and nods to our beloved hometown, Yuma, Arizona: where the rhythm of our community thrives on sunshine, agriculture, and the kindest people you’ll ever meet.  Be sure to visit our “Yuma Grown” and “Yuma Love” Collections while you’re here.

Above all, we believe that home is the most important place, and hope to inspire you to create beautiful spaces and traditions in yours.