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DANDY Home & Ranch was birthed out of several passions: A love for crafting a beautiful home, a desire to provide thoughtful gift items and beautiful clothing, an appreciation for the agriculture community of which our family is blessed be a part of, and a plan to capture and celebrate the magic of the holidays. And the name?  Well, my Grandpa always called me “a dandy” when I was growing up…so it was naturally in my heart…and this shop will be just that…fine and DANDY.  
I was fortunate enough to be married into a farming family, who counts it an honor and a joy to be caretakers of the land, and to bring fresh vegetables to tables across the country.   Our children, along with their cousins, are the fourth generation of agriculturalists in the Mellon family, preceded by parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents and great-grandparents who forged the path of this incredible livelihood.  Along with the technical side of being growers, comes a culture that is easy to gloss over until you see it day in and day out, year after year…it’s where the magic happens.  The work ethic, the art of tending to tender plants, the valuing of people who work alongside to ensure the success of a harvest, the commitment to integrity in all situations, the ability to respond to challenges and adjust the course, the respect for every role in this incredible industry, and most importantly, the core value of honoring the Lord, and being good stewards of what He is entrusting us with.   It has been said that “Agriculture has a soul”…I believe that to be true, and I am excited to help tell its story.
My hope is that people walk into DANDY and feel inspired, equipped, and empowered to use what’s in their hand to create beautiful, important spaces in their homes.  I hope the gathered goods, found and new, bring some joy and beauty into your world.  Let’s build strong families.  Let’s build unforgettable traditions & make home the most important place.  Let’s create meals and set tables with real plates, and hold hands together and offer thanks.  Let’s slow down and remember what is important.  Let’s create an atmosphere of light and laughter and love…
Let’s celebrate the art of loving to be at home. ​​